Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Photos for Sale!! New items listed...

So I decided that 9,000 pictures is too many to have to not start selling prints. I did some undercover investigation, to figure out how much it would cost, shipping, what 8X10s are going for and how to package them. Every new item has things to discover about trying to sell it. I have put watermarks (the identifying mark, like a signature) on all of the ones I think may sell. I am truly happy to be able to share these photographs with the world and the scenic ones will be like the one featured here, with scripture on them. I think they would be great encouragement to have at your desk, or a place where you see the Word of God and can be uplifted from it. So, I hope they will make great gifts. It seems strange to me to couple the Word with art that I have done and try to sell it. I don't think that I would be doing any of this, if I didn't know that the Lord has me with one goal, and one only for my time here-- get out of debt.... and maybe back to the mission field, as a photographer? I don't know I haven't been allowed to peek behind the curtain.
But He knows, so I'll have to be content in that.

Paraguay provided me with such an opportunity to explore, as a photographer. I know some of the people photos, which I love, I don't think there is a market for, and some that are so personal or emotional I would never sell. But as I go through them, it makes my heart swell with .... something. Joy? It was a deeply satisfying time (as a photographer) and I hope the Lord isn't done using photography in my life. (Something other than photos of jewelry would be good!) So stay tuned to the shop. If you have requests, you know I probably have a photo to go with a favorite verse, so email me, or write or whatever! I hope you all enjoy the next stage of designs by Gina!!!
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New designs!!!

New designs!!!
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