Friday, January 30, 2009

A New Sale!!

Today is very exciting-- I sold my first box!!! More exciting than even the earrings-- the Word is going out into the world, and the Bible says it won't return void!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am very excited about the over all change in things in the last couple of days. A sort of "free-ness"-- a liberation of sorts as I feel the power surge of the Spirit flooding back into my life. Like taking a breath from a fresh tank, after holding it until you might burst!
I found some writings from 2004. It was good to look back and have a "journey checkup". Just to see what was going on. It always stuns me how cyclical things are, when it comes to spiritual issues we thought we mastered, and maybe ones where we felt like we had no idea about, but in hindsight, we were actually wiser than we guessed.
I was struck by something the pastor said on Sunday. "What you feed, will grow."
Wow! Creativity, complacency, laziness, joy, contentedness, wisdom. All equal opportunities to grow or stagnate! I want to be selective about what receives my time and attention. Already, throwing the t.v. out has been the best thing I have done this year. And I like the change to my much more "boring" office job, within my company. At first I read a lot. Now I am on my computer (laptop) more, and I don't think I like it as much. So I'll change it.
I also went through a domestic spurt... kind of preparing to get back on the workout/"watching" kick again, after I've been away so long. I made a great lasagna!
For me-- it ALL works when it is a mind, body and soul connection. And that is what I am praying for. I am feeling a little more alive. But that will only get stronger as I feed my 'Spirit Man.' And he doesn't get fed by mere survival. There has to be fun. Dancing, smiling, joy. Peace, good rest, good fellowship. For anyone who has lost a loved one, you know the feeling of having life put on hold. It feels like life isn't meant to enjoy. Survivor's guilt? I'm not sure. But I have known deep joy at other difficult times in my life. And my dad will be waiting for me, when it's time... so we've got that covered. It is not the end, for those of us who believe. And life, for now is snapping back into focus, a little!

photo above taken by me "Field of Sunflowers" in Paraguay, South America 2006

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fellow Etsy artist had this to say about naming her bracelet entitled," Ingalls Estate Bracelet." Check out her beautiful work at!

I grew up in a strange house that started out as a squash court and evolved into a home. We had a long skinny pool with stone gutters and every fall the water would start to turn green and autumnal leaves would fall from the surrounding trees to lie on the surface.

The colors in this bracelet evoke the fall of my childhood so clearly I can almost smell it. I made this six-stranded bracelet out of Czech glass beads and 3 types of gold-plated chain. Three of the chains feature opaque glass beads with a mottled brown exterior that has been carved away to reveal the milky celadon interior. Two of the remaining four chains feature beads with the clear color of deep pool water with speckles of green and brown and the final chain are green beads with touches of blue and brown.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Do you ever wonder how artists name their work?

I was a missionary to Paraguay South America for a year in 2006. Living in a new country can be scary business! I was a little unsure and going to my first "team" meeting with missionaries from other parts of the world. As I was sitting on awesomely comfortable stringed chairs, in wafts this tiny wisp of a fairy princess. Her name was Cora and she was about 3. Her first words to me, I'll never forget... "My favorite colors are pink, yellow and purple." Period. No explanation. No introduction. Just a declaration of her own personal style, right off the bat!!! I think I fell in love that instant, and we became fast friends. The picture I have REALLY been searching for is one with her in bright red lipstick, not limited to her lips alone, with tiara and wand! It is priceless. But I just searched my 9,000 pictures and cannot find it.
Ok, so what is the point. Cute story, sweet girl.
Fast forward to modern day, USA. I order these gorgeously juicy beads from Hong Kong (isn't it a small world?) When I get them, they are a perfect lipstick red, coral, in a tube shape and everything. From that second on, I knew that what I was making would end up being called Cora's Lipstick Red Coral Set. And so it is. How this piece, got it's name.

I think it would be fun to know, don't you? What is the artist thinking about.... you never know when you may end up immortalized forever!
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tonight, the name of the game was REVAMP!
I took some of the boxes I've made and did a few extras to them... a little stain here, a little
varnish there, and I am much happier. I made my little boy box into a man box to avoid any trouble with the new law they passed....
Anyway, I was determinded to have fun tonight and just experiment-- not mess with urls and RSS feeds and codes and marketing.. LAME-O.
I did jewelry for a bit, but I was feeling very box-y! It gave me time to think. And to pray while I worked. There are so many hurting people. And people who are going through real physical pain. I think of the cross and the element of suffering that is common to the human experience. Would we experience pain (of any kind) if we didn't HAVE to? And yet there was one who did.. who didn't have to. And that has made all the difference.
I read a scripture last night, as though I had never seen it. You know, when you are cruising along, thinking you are doing pretty good, and then BAM! Right up against it you are.. Faced with the crushing reality of the truth, that cuts right down to the heart of things. I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget. It is the New Living translation.(I read in that last year, for something new, and liked it a lot.)
1 cor4:20 For the Kingdom of God is not just a lot of talk; it is living by God's power.
Hm. POWER. Do we live in it? Do I? Brokenness, timidity, fear, longing, lack of self-esteem (I hate that term, there will be a blog one day on it!) Are those living in God's power? How many Christians are missing the boat, when it comes to the way they aught to live? And they are the very ones who are building the Kingdom. Did the Lord say , "OK, here are some of the things you need-- the bricks, the mortar, the tools... but you have to come up with your own plan. And when it is too heavy to lift, you're out of luck. " By no means! He gave us every gift we need to live this life and the plan, we can find with obedience to His Word. And the power-- even down to the air we breathe and the blood that pumps through our veins-- is all a gift from, guess who? Him. We are powerless to help ourselves. But it is in this discovery that we are at our very strongest. This is when the Lord can show Himself mighty on our behalf.
You know, if you have ever experienced God in this way, it doesn't make you impervious to forgetfulness. That is one reason I write. I have to admit that at the times in my life where I am the very closest to God, I am writing. There is a paper trail. Is that accidental? I think partly it is because He knows that I ponder what goes through my hands. And I pay attention when I have produced something with Him (or communicating with Him) in mind. I think it is also so that there can be "proof" when the world seems gray and hopeless that there is a God and He is not passive. He moves. Seeing it both fills me with joy and a little bit of fear, if you want to know. He is so WILD and utterly unpredictable... but tempered by His incarnate goodness and His love of order. He is a great one to have on your side. I can't imagine life without knowing Him.
Well, it has been a good day on the good-bad scale. I had dinner with my mom and her best friend, heard that I had been an encouragement to one of my sisters, played with my art toys, talked to my God, and wrote about His goodness and faithfulness. What more could you ask? :)
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Monday, January 19, 2009

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It was so great to be in Richmond this weekend... so inspiring. Maybe because that is the place where I fell in love with art. I toy with the idea of going back someday. But it just doesn't seem to be in the plan for now.
I went to my favorite bead store, and truth to tell, it was a little disappointing. I think I can do better online, from here on out. Etsy artists are incredibley resourceful.
I got a lot of good ideas for earrings, and made a few last night. It was like Christmas, opening my beads!! I CLEANED my studio, and will post a picture later tonight. I am going to be on a blog with pictures of my space, and info about my techniques and so I was HUMILIATED into cleaning... that was on the agenda, anyway. I just have been struggling getting over this bronchial junk. And I've been plain old lazy.
When it is cold and dreary (like today) all I want to do is be inside with some kind of blanket on! (preferably the one my mom made for me for Christmas- as that is my blanket of choice these days.) For New Years, I threw away my t.v. It was very liberating. In an effort to quit wasting time. Ironically, starting the online thing has taken countless hours of time on the computer! I will scale that back, too, as soon as I develop a schedule.
Thanks to everyone that has given me feed back. I am developing a "sympathy gift" to give to people when they are hurting from some type of loss. I've been thinking a lot about it since my dad died. Be looking for that to show up-- and it will be listed under Sympathy Gifts on my website.
Blessings and Hugs!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Fresh Idea

I'm thinking about featuring some of my fellow Christian artists, here. If you think you might want to read about some, let me know. The talent is amazing!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I wanted to jot down an exerpt from a book. It is profound! (Be advised :)).
The brilliant Dr. Gerstner described the plight of the proud man in this way: "Christ has done everything necessary for his salvation. Nothing now stands between the sinner and God but the sinner's 'good works'. Nothing can keep him from Christ but his delusion that he does not need Him-- that he has good works of his own that can satisfy God. If men will only be convinced that they have no righteousness that is not as filthy rags; if men will see that there is none that doeth good, no, not one; if men will see that all are shut up under sin- then there will be nothing to prevent their everlasting salvation. All they need is need. All they must have is nothing. All that is required is acknowledged guilt. But, alas, sinners cannot part with their 'virtues.' They have none that are not imaginary, but they are real to them. So grace becomes unreal. The real grace of God they spurn in order to hold on to the illusory virtues of their own. Their eyes fixed on a mirage, they will not drink real water. They die of thirst in the midst of an ocean of grace.
Told you! I think it is utterly succinct and amazing. Hope it's a blessing. It is from "Truths that Transform " by Dr. James Kennedy. Hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Getting Started!

The process of getting into the 21st Century is exhausting! There are blogs and analysis programs that tell you how sales are and advertising, and forums, and so much to learn. But one advantage it has over brick and mortar, is that you truly are free! Free to create, and experiment and if it doesn't work, no big loss. No set hours, no time clock. Create when you want-- I am beginning to catch the art bug again... it has been a while. A lot of you know what has been going on in my personal life.. but my dad's vision for all his children (and for himself) was "find something you like to do, and make that your life's work." He knew that in order to stay inspired and to be your truest self you had to have a creative outlet. It is in that vein that I move slowly toward the future that God has set for me. I pray that just being true to who I am at the core, a creator, glorifies Him and touches others' lives, along the way!

New designs!!!

New designs!!!
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