Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Artist Studio Makeover-One Man's "Oops" Paint is Another Man's Perfect Color

My husband bought the house, in the summer, before our wedding in November. "My studio" was a woodshop. The guy had tons of equiptment, and once it was all gone, it seemed like it could totally work... I began the "please, please, please" process that ended with my husband saying that I could have the space. It was electrified, sort of. The previous owner had an extension cord running out to the space.
During our intitial renovation phase, the hub had it REALLY electrified. Line buried, light switches and everything. We have done absolutely nothing with the space since then. All of my art supplies went in, and it was basically storage.
Starting my new bridal accessories business, it had become obvious with my stuff all over the house, that I need to get the space usable. So, over the weekend, we went to Lowes, got new light bulbs for the overhead flourescents (boo) and yes, we found OOOps paint in just the right shade!
In case you don't know what oops paint is, there is a section in the paint department that has paint, mixed that the customer decided they didn't want. I have found this is an AMAZING way to save money for DIY projects. Most of the time I have a 'general' color in mind, but nothing super specific, and I knew I wanted orange. We've done one room in the house an orange that is very different, more pumpkin/saffron color. This is Campbell's Tomato soup orange. Love it! I couldn't WAIT to get started today....
But there was so much cleaning! Years of being a wood shop made my shop vac work over time. I had to sweep walls! But at last, after the terrible job of painting the ceiling twice, I got to play with the color. And let me say, that even though the space is roughly finished (no baseboards, window unframed, rough patched drywall) the paint did remarkably well. It was Valspar's Ultimate Hide formula. I have painted many years, and never had a red or orange that looked this good in one coat!
Tomorrow, the fun parts of organizing, painting some bookshelves, painting some lamps, organizing...the floor is rough plywood, and my plan is to stain it and seal it so the grain comes through. If that doesn't work, maybe I'll get some peel-n- stick tile. I love resourcefulness. :)

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