Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Getting Started!

The process of getting into the 21st Century is exhausting! There are blogs and analysis programs that tell you how sales are and advertising, and forums, and so much to learn. But one advantage it has over brick and mortar, is that you truly are free! Free to create, and experiment and if it doesn't work, no big loss. No set hours, no time clock. Create when you want-- I am beginning to catch the art bug again... it has been a while. A lot of you know what has been going on in my personal life.. but my dad's vision for all his children (and for himself) was "find something you like to do, and make that your life's work." He knew that in order to stay inspired and to be your truest self you had to have a creative outlet. It is in that vein that I move slowly toward the future that God has set for me. I pray that just being true to who I am at the core, a creator, glorifies Him and touches others' lives, along the way!

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New designs!!!

New designs!!!
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