Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Do you ever wonder how artists name their work?

I was a missionary to Paraguay South America for a year in 2006. Living in a new country can be scary business! I was a little unsure and going to my first "team" meeting with missionaries from other parts of the world. As I was sitting on awesomely comfortable stringed chairs, in wafts this tiny wisp of a fairy princess. Her name was Cora and she was about 3. Her first words to me, I'll never forget... "My favorite colors are pink, yellow and purple." Period. No explanation. No introduction. Just a declaration of her own personal style, right off the bat!!! I think I fell in love that instant, and we became fast friends. The picture I have REALLY been searching for is one with her in bright red lipstick, not limited to her lips alone, with tiara and wand! It is priceless. But I just searched my 9,000 pictures and cannot find it.
Ok, so what is the point. Cute story, sweet girl.
Fast forward to modern day, USA. I order these gorgeously juicy beads from Hong Kong (isn't it a small world?) When I get them, they are a perfect lipstick red, coral, in a tube shape and everything. From that second on, I knew that what I was making would end up being called Cora's Lipstick Red Coral Set. And so it is. How this piece, got it's name.

I think it would be fun to know, don't you? What is the artist thinking about.... you never know when you may end up immortalized forever!
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