Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Birth" of a photograph

This is more of my new feature- Continuing one with the series "How artists name their work".... this comes from StudioYTE on about her 8X10 photograph entitled "Birth."(See avatar and click to go directly there.)

My garden brings so much joy into my life. There's nothing more exciting than spring for me - to see everything come alive again after long and cold winters.

The peonies in my garden are of three different varieties - those that flower early, middle and late spring and the excitement begins when all the ants arrive.

Many have wondered why they are there? Many myths abound - do they really "tickle the buds" and "lick the sugar" to help the peony buds open? What if they don't come?

Apparently, the peony buds secrete a sweet sap that attracts the ants, and because Mother Nature's plan is so amazingly perfect, the ants come for the sweet nectar and another little appetizer - the harmful insects. And although the peony buds open whether the ants are there or not, seeing them so busy at work makes the birth and promise of fragrance so thrilling.

And so, during spring, I check my peonies every day, I take photos at various times of day, in sunshine and in rain, capturing the buds at every stage, awaiting the "Birth"
of my beloved peonies.

My little book of favorite quotes that I gathered since I was a teenager is where I go for inspiration. Usually there's always a quote or two that seems to fit my special photos. Hope you enjoy their beauty!

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