Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So, What's in a Name? Or not....

It is my pleasure to introduce another talented Etsy artist to everyone. In continuing with our series on "Names" I thought we'd explore some artists' business names. "Knitberry" is actually the venue of an artist named Lana... Here is her incredibly interesting story. She is having this awesome contest were kids are designing hats (drawings sent in) and if theirs is picked- they get a free hat! The contest is running through December 2009, so check out her blog for details....www.knitberry.blogspot.com

In Her Own Words....
I was born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine -- on the coast of the Black Sea.
Growing up I was surrounded by handmade household items, which spiked my interest in crafts since early childhood. Both of her grandmothers were skillful in crafts. However, the love for knitting didn't come from them. It was my maternal grandfather, who mastered the skill of knitting socks for soldiers in his platoon during WWII. He was not a knitter by choice; it was a necessity that drove him to learn how to knit.
I learned how to knit when I was 10, continuously designing doll's clothes.
Perfecting my knitting technique through school years I also learned how to crochet and cross stitch. In 1995 I immigrated to United States carrying with me the idea of designing clothes. My two kids, who are 3 and 6 years old, are my main inspirations behind my creations. Qualities like Comfort, Style and Happiness of a child -- are my priorities in designing clothing. For women's line I create pieces that will add to your everyday wardrobe and will give it an extra kick of style.

KnitBerry.com was created in October 2007. The name KnitBerry came from long and hard research of what to call my business :) Sometimes at the shows people ask me if my name is Berry and if my husband is Mr. Berry. We just laugh. I wanted the name that people will remember. So really there no particular reason why its called KnitBerry


  1. Thank you Gina. The contest is actually on my website. It's www.knitberry.com :)

  2. sorry about that!! not very thorough investigative reporting on my part!! :)


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