Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Sympathy Gifts" Have Arrived!!!

After much processing and working out details, I am happy to announce my new "Sympathy Gifts" that commemorate the loss of someone special. I began to think of it after my father died in July... but took some time to think it through. The concept is really simple. It is a permanent tear. The inadequacy we feel when trying to comfort a friend at a difficult time, is what brought these gifts to life. They are sterling silver, on a 17" chain, and have the crystal birthstone of the loved one. They are fully customizable and made to order. Remember, no two are alike- but the one constant is that they will always be a "tear" shaped crystal. The card will be hand written on vellum, but with various paper to match the color chosen. The chain may be different, and you can request a special length. Earrings are also available, but I haven't made the first ones just yet. I want to focus on the pendant, that can be also made into a bookmark, for a man.
The verse is one that I love. Jesus is responding to the news that His friend Lazarus is dead. And even though He knows that He is about to raise him from the dead, He cries, to enter into the pain of friends. This showed how much he cared! We have a great and awesome, PERSONAL God!
This gift will show someone that you care. And you are there for them. Without words.
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New designs!!!
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